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Value Stream Design. The Way Towards a Lean Factory

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There's always been much talk about lean management and value stream design, but very little profound information was available in writing. This has now changed. This book clearly differentiates and significantly expands the previous application range of value stream analyses. In addition, ten design guidelines provide practitioners with an explicit code of practice for the optimal redesign of production procedures. For the first time ever, a reliable, methodical path is leading towards a lean factory.

Erlach, Klaus:
Value Stream Design. The Way Towards a Lean Factory. Springer: Heidelberg, New York 2013

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Value stream designing a factory

New standard for the manufacturing sector could be viable in industries untouched by lean
Co-author: Erin Sheehan

In the member magazine of the Institute of Industrial Engineers (January 2016) you will find a brief introduction.
The design of optimal production procedures is a factory planner's most important and central duty. This undertaking must overcome various obstacles, such as factory-specific restrictions and conflicting manufacturing objectives. Additionally, as soon as an ideal state is nearly reached, the goal posts are shifted again, as customer wishes, production technologies and legal requirements are subject to constant change. As a result, the never-ending task of optimizing production and its requirements on factory design are ever present in all factory operations.