5 Case studies

Only practice will tell if and how a method really works. The value stream approach and its various possible applications and operational modes are therefore illustrated in detail by way of several project samples. For a better illustration of the wide range of possible applications of value stream design, different project types based on industrial projects were chosen. These sample projects are rather complex and comprehensive in order to better illustrate the factual courses of action applied.

5.1 Comfort Ltd. Transparency by Continuous Flow

Among other things, Comfort Ltd. of Oxford produce electric blankets for the European market at their Hungarian factory. In the winter, these electric underblankets warm the beds of the elderly, or of those in Southern European houses without heating. An electric heating cord is placed between two layers of foam-lined fabric and directly connected to the electricity network by a power plug. Product variants feature different shapes as well as different requirements concerning fabric and/or electrical equipment.

5.2 Spring LLC Lot Sizing in Variant Production

Spring LLC of Boston are in the market for different types of springs, such as compression springs, tension springs, valve springs, yoke springs, torsional springs, and spring assemblies for use with doors, gates and strike plates, in vehicle construction as well as in plant and engine construction.

5.3 Glass PLC Short Delivery Times in Single Piece Production

Besides the business segments of glass production and car glass, Glass PLC are also in the market for construction glass. Among other things, the Bridgend factory under observation here produces individual safety glass panels with customer-specific measurements (thickness, geometry, bore holes) for utilization in construction (exterior glazing of buildings, doors, partition walls). These TSG panels also differ with a view to the type of glass used (tint, ornaments).

5.4 The Seco ULC Flow Orientation by Technology

Seco ULC, located in Toronto (Canada), produce and distribute a large product range of bonded abrasive products with a focus on disc-shaped products such as cutting discs, grinding discs, flap discs and diamond cutting discs. Just over one third of the products are sold as own brand via specialty shops in Canada and United States. The discs are also supplied to hardware stores under their respective names. We shall take a closer look at the product family of cutting and grinding discs. The discs differ with a view to geometrical dimensions and abrasives.